“It takes courage to take new roads together”

in his role as People Strategy Manager is responsible for the development and implementation of the People Strategy. He works from Boehringer Ingelheim’s Copenhagen office.

What’s the goal of the new People Strategy Boehringer Ingelheim has been implementing worldwide since the beginning of 2016?

LARSEN We’re faced with the challenge of having to rapidly adapt and position ourselves effectively in a competitive and also increasingly volatile market environment. We’ll only achieve these objectives if our company has the right employees with the right competencies at the right time. We’ve established the strategic basis for this with our People Strategy. With the aid of a structured and holistic approach, we aspire to identify which employees and competencies will be key to our future success.

What changes will the new People Strategy entail for the management and employees?

LARSEN We’re supporting individual departments, business areas and subsidiaries in answering: What can we do today to develop the necessary competencies for tomorrow’s challenges? On the basis of a good understanding of what our strengths and weaknesses are, we describe what competencies we need and how we can prepare our employees accordingly. We put special emphasis on also providing the appropriate training. Implementation of our People Strategy will thus sharpen our ability to handle future challenges.

Why is that important?

LARSEN Because it takes courage to take new roads together and adapt our organisation to a changing environment. Employees want to know their positions, their roles and their responsibilities in the company today and tomorrow. It’s therefore essential for us in HR to acknowledge that yes, we’ve got to be even more agile and respond accordingly. In the end only a successful business will allow us to create new jobs and keep existing ones. And vice versa only talented, highly motivated people will help us to keep the company flourishing.