Our FOCUS is a framework that helps us concentrate our efforts where they are needed most.


The core of our leitbild is that we are an independent, family-owned company and intend to remain so

  • We are driven by the desire to serve mankind by improving human and animal health.
  • We feel responsible for our communities and are respectful of our resources.
  • We plan in generations and focus on long-term performance.

We create value through innovation for our customers

  • We develop breakthrough therapies and health care solutions in areas of unmet medical need.
  • We excel in innovation and deliver the highest quality to drive our competitiveness.
  • We believe in partnering for success and the sustainable economic health of the company.

We are powered by our people

  • We nurture a diverse, collaborative and open environment which appeals to the best people.
  • We are driven by results, working with integrity and passion.
  • We treat each other with respect, trust and empathy, and we grow together.


Boehringer Ingelheim’s commitment to serve mankind can be met if we are the preferred partner and admired competitor by being:

  • Number one in Animal Health
  • Number one in biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing
  • Number one in value share for our brands in One Human Pharma

By 2025 we aspire to grow our sales to 25 billion euros.



We quickly act with an open mind to face internal and external transformation.

  • Search and respond to drivers of changes through active experimentation.
  • Challenge the status quo and assumptions of your own and others with no political bias.
  • Quickly turn data into insights and insights into actions.
  • Learn with an open mind and rarely make the same mistake twice.


Even in ambiguous circumstances, we always demonstrate ownership for our decisions and actions.

  • Role model Boehringer Ingelheim Values by always doing what you say and saying what you think.
  • Make timely decisions with well-balanced analysis and intuition, particularly in tough situations.
  • Ruthlessly prioritise, then drive execution excellence through discipline and collaboration.
  • Actively give and seek feedback; leverage each other’s strengths to deliver results and develop every individual.


Together with our customers, we create innovative ideas to respond to changing markets.

  • Serve the needs of customers and patients by turning innovative ideas into business results.
  • Take smart risks by leveraging all possible opportunities – including resources and talents.
  • Demonstrate winning spirit through creating a can-do attitude and positive energy among others.
  • Deliver high quality results, despite challenging conditions

Our FOCUS is a catalyst to unlock our potential. We are Boehringer Ingelheim!